I got a newsletter today from Debbie Ford with the title: “Are you running away from your FEARS ?”

After reading her view on fears I was thinking:
How would I handle FEARS with PSYCH-K®?

I know that a lot of my own FEARS are around prosperity and having enough for what I wish to do in my life. When I feel fearful I definitely acknowledge the FEARS.
The fear is what it is. Nothing more nothing less, just a thought that becomes an Emotion.

E-motion = Energy in Motion = Physical Creation

Past experience has thought me that when I push it away, it will come back with a vengeance. After all: “What we resist persist”.
The feeling I press down, becomes DEPRESSION!

However I acknowledge the FEAR , yet I don’t dwell on it. I go into the fear using a PSYCH-K® process and face it right on, this brings me to the other side.
We are so scared of some of these feelings that we push them away.
When we go into the feelings, we can not hang on to them forever, we get through them.
On the other side is sunshine, just like flying through the clouds into the SUNSHINE.

The next thing I do is ask myself: What do I rather have?
Then I get real clear on the desired results.
“I only focus on the objective”.