Marianna and Dr Bruce Lipton

Marianna and Dr Bruce Lipton

Raise your Vibration for Health and Wellbeing

Every source with a higher perspective claims it is all about Beliefs.

Ernest Holmes said: “We are bound by nothing but Beliefs”

Jesus said: “It is done to you as you Belief”

Wayne Dyer said: “You have to Believe it before you see it”

Bruce Lipton in” The Biology of Belief” “It is our perception not our genes that rule our life”

Bashar: “You always Belief in something, it is either health or sickness and there is no time that you don’t Belief in something. It is either in sickness or in health”

By now you have been inundated by e-mails and messages about COVID-19.
You have heard everything about eating healthy, washing your hands and keeping social distance. 

I will only add to this by looking at it from a higher and different perspective.

Nasruddin and the plague *

The plague was on its way to Baghdad when it met Nasruddin.
 He asked :
Where are you going?
 The plague said:
To Baghdad, to kill ten thousand people.

 After some time, the plague met Nasruddin again.

Very angry, the mullah told him
You are a liar.  You said you would kill ten thousand people and you killed one hundred thousand.

And the plague answered:
 I didn’t lie; I killed ten thousand.
The rest died of fear.  *

 * Tale of the Sufi tradition.

Our biome is full of bacteria and viruses, including corona viruses to keep us healthy.
We can not live without them.

In a study two groups of people were asked about their health status. The first group, when asked, said they were very healthy. The second group said they had a lot of health problems. When exposed to the cold virus only a few people from the first group caught the cold. However almost 80 % of the second group came down with a cold. The big difference was how they looked at their health, their attitude and belief system.

The first group had a higher vibration and belief that they were healthy and never focused on the possibility that they would get sick. The second group focused on their problems and dis-eases. They were pessimistic and had a lower vibration and almost expected that they would catch the cold.

Quantum Physics says that we can only perceive what we are vibrating.

A formula for high energy and vibration:

Act on your highest passion at every moment at the best of your ability. Take it as far as you can until you can take it no further, than focus on the next thing that brings you joy. With zero insistence or expectation of the outcome. The Universe always says yes to your vibration and bring matching results.

When you are feeling low, get back to a higher vibration by doing a PSYCH-K® Balance. Be open and curious and have an expectancy of results, without being stuck to a certain outcome. Being open to all the different possibilities and positive synchronicity’s.

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