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“I don’t know how it works, but it works!!! I am most grateful to Marianna for her work with me remotely to do a belief change and relationship balance. A small miracle happened the next day!!! Was it in the works already? Maybe. Was I ready for it before the relationship balance? No. Marianna’s work with me changed my life for the better – from the inside out.  – Ree”


Introductory private session 30 Min. C$75

This is an introduction to the PSYCH-K® Process. Usually, there is a “Balance” included so you have a direct experience. With this process, there is no need to rehash the past. What specific belief is it that you want to change? Book an Introductory  Session HERE

Zoom Sessions, C$250

This is a paid session based on a certain belief that you want to change. This belief was determined in the complimentary session, or will be or expanded upon.

If you have not done an Introductory session we will guide you to the priority belief that needs to be balanced. Book a Zoom Session HERE

Quantum Leap session C$300

Take advantage of the  Introductory Session (30 min. C$75.) by combining it with a regular session (Zoom or in person)(60min. C$250) thus make a Quantum Leap (C$300) towards reaching your desired goal. Please Book HERE

Equine PSYCH-K®

It does not matter what is going on with the horse or the rider with PSYCH-K® it’s easy to re-establish BALANCE. This can be done remotely (Zoom) or with the horse present (more powerful) 

This is not only for horses but all animals whether domesticated or wild! 

Book a session HERE

PSYCH-K® Private Sessions

Sessions are 1 hour. You set the goals, balance for the change and you create the results. This is a focused time when I walk/talk you through the steps for you to re-write your subconscious mind. You are guided through the Balance, including permission, assuring effectiveness in making the belief changes you seek. That makes it easy for you to take action and create your results!

There are 3 packages available:

Platinum PSYCH-K® Package:
9 – One Hour Sessions
Gold PSYCH-K® Package:
6 – One Hour Sessions
Silver PSYCH-K® Package:
3 – One Hour Sessions
 Single PSYCH-K® Sessions
1– One Hour Session

To Discuss your needs about  packages  please Contact Marianna

There are some evenings available for scheduling please contact Marianna HERE


Sessions can be via ZOOM, phone or in person.

ZOOM Download plus tutorial:



Payment Plans available Please Contact Marianna

For more information on PSYCH-K® please Click HERE

For Privacy Training and Cancelation Policy Please Click HERE


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