A while ago I had the honour to do some PSYCH-K® with a man who has been attacked in a robbery and due to severe brain damage has been in a coma for almost a decade.

Unable to do the PSYCH-K® himself, his father volunteered to be the surrogate for him (energetically taking his place).
When we entered the long term care facility in which he is cared for, he seemed to be in agony, all curled up in fetal position and his face contorted.

We did a BioWell energy test to see the status of his energy and his chakras. See below:

Picture of chakras before treatment

Before PSYCH-K®

Before PSYCH-K®

We asked permission and commitment to Divine Intelligence to do a Life Bonding Balance and when granted, we proceeded with this Balance and also were guided to Balance: “I accept that everybody is following their own life path”.

Afterwards we did another BioWell test and look at the alignment of the Chakra’s after the PSYCH-K® session.

Picture of chakras after treatment


When we left the room, the gentleman was all stretched out with a smile on his face. To me, he looked totally at peace.

After PSYCH-K®

After PSYCH-K®

The following is a letter I received from his mother:

“Hi Marianna,

Today is Saturday I was just up with my son this afternoon and he is still stretched out just peaceful. I am so grateful for that. His eyes seem different like there is an awareness that wasn’t there before. It almost seems like he is really here in his body and he can just begin speaking to you when you speak to him.

I witnessed the nurse this evening asking him to open his mouth so she could brush his teeth and he actually opened his mouth for her. He seems so peaceful no more wanting to curl into a fetal position and having tremendous body spasms. I am so grateful for this… so grateful. It is a blessing.  I just had to share that with you because I cannot get over the change that has happened for him. Even the peaceful state he is in is a miracle for me.

I would like to know more about the insights that you experienced with him on that day. I know his brain does not work any longer but on an energy level I know his mind can read energy. So I try to be very upbeat when I am with him so he knows I am coping the best way that I can with his situation. My son and I are best friends, we always have been and always will be.

I am going to make the workshop a success I have made up my mind with that.
Let’s keep in touch for sure.
I hope you had a good workshop this weekend. Wish we were there!
Sending love and hugs to you both
(Names are removed to ensure confidentiality)”

Although his brain is damaged, it was very clear to us that his mind is fully functioning.

I feel so blessed to have witnessed this transformation.

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