had an issue with a woman and when on a little road trip, I was chewing it over and over and OVER, even thinking how I could get even. I was pretty upset about what she had done and had a lot of difficulty letting it go. I realized that I needed to do a PSYCH-K® session with myself, but I was wallowing so much in my self-pity that I resisted that as well.

Getting up the next morning in my hotel, I got so much pain in my jaw that I could not chew or talk. I realized that my body was giving me a message from my subconscious mind and said: STOP. HAVE A LOOK AT YOURSELF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

I finally sat down and did a PSYCH-K® session with myself. I referenced Louise Hay’s work “Heal Your Body”. The message my subconscious mind was giving me: STOP this RESENTMENT and DESIRE FOR REVENGE! GET OVER IT!

I replaced all this garbage with: “I am willing to change the patterns in me that created this condition” and “I forgive myself and others for the wrong done to me”. It came to me that I needed to forgive myself as much as her for allowing what happened to me and not having clear boundaries.

The pain was reduced almost immediately and an hour later totally gone. I am so grateful for having PSYCH-K® in my life.