Wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton: “What are you broadcasting”

In August, the PSYCH-K®  instructors  attended the “Instructors Conference” in Taos, New Mexico. We had 4 marvelous days with Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K® and 2 amazing insightful days with Dr. Bruce Lipton. What a treat that was. Bruce explained in his humorist  way many biological processes, especially how they pertained to PSCH-K®. Too many to talk about in one blog. You can look forward to more blog posts about this soon.

One of the things I understood was that we are not a “bag of bones”, but skin covered transmitters and receivers. Plainly said: ”We are broadcasting/receiving entities ”. What we broadcast we receive!!

So what are we broadcasting? Is it Peace & Harmony or is it  Anger & Lack?

If I want Harmony coming back to me, I have to be in Harmony with myself and Life. My state of consciousness, if it is Harmony it will affect others and I will receive Harmony.

Bruce Lipton  showed us a group of metronomes, all started at different times and quickly they were in harmony and started ticking with the same rhythm. Except one which took way longer than the other ones, but eventually it did start ticking with the same rhythm as well.

Of course if you are in an environment that is un-supportive of Life, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity you have the choice to leave that environment, which is the easier way or you can stay and keep on broadcasting being supportive of Life, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity.

In the first case scenario your vibration will go down, if you  have the stamina to keep your vibration up, your environment will also raise its vibration, IT CANNOT NOT!

There is an axiom that goes as follows:

  • If you do what is easy, life is hard!
  • If you do what is hard life  becomes easy!!

When you  increase your Peace, Harmony and Prosperity you will find that you  surround yourself with people who are Positive, Peaceful and Prosperous or at least are working towards that goal with awareness and intention.

Raise your vibration and your  energy to be in  Harmony with yourself and Life and have clear intentions. To have conscious and subconscious clarity of your goals with Beliefs that support you.

PSYCH-K® Balances  and creates supportive Beliefs towards Life, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity.

Please join me to create more of what you want.

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