More wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton:

Can there be good stress?

Yes stress can be good: “Exercise” is  very good stress for our bodies. When you consciously exercise your mind is still. When climbing mountains you just concentrate on the next hand/foot hold. There is no room for other thoughts!! that makes  mountain climbing so exhilarating!!

Bad stress is being out of harmony with your mind and body. Genes account for less than 1% of disease.

Between 75-90% of doctors visits are due to stress!

You are under stress due to the 3 T’s:

Thoughts, Trauma and Toxins.

Bad stress brings you into fight/flight mode:

  • Your blood supply is sent to your arms and legs.

  • Less blood is sent to your visceral system, your metabolism.

  • Shutting down your immune system.

  • Shutting down blood flow to your fore brain, stop thinking.

  • Less blood to fore brain, less intelligence.

  • Designed for short term burst of energy, not long term.

  • Under stress you act from your reaction brain: subconscious mind.


Bad Stress will stop your growth and intelligence!!

“When you are stressed you are controllable.” Dr. Bruce Lipton

When 911 happened, the Dow dropped 600 points. Fear made the economy contract by 1.3%.

You can change your perception and don’t respond to stress.

When you Free your Mind you:

  • Are not controllable.

  • You are responding verses reacting.

  • You can stay in Harmony.

  • You are at Peace.

  • You are the conscious creator of your own health and prosperity.

Free your mind!!

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