This is a famous quote from mind empowerment pioneer Jose Silva, who was
credited with bringing modern meditation to the west.

Silva was convinced that if most illnesses are caused by the mind, they can also
 be REVERSED by the mind.

Last year my father had a stroke and I went over to the Netherlands to visit and practise PSYCH-K® with him. His whole left side was paralyzed and he was unable to swallow.

His diagnosis was that he would never eat again. I think that was the hardest thing for him. He kept talking about not being able to eat the wonderful blackberries that were growing in the field behind the nursing home. My mother also kept re-enforcing that he would never be able to eat again.

I did a lot of PSYCH-K® work with him in the afternoons. We worked on changing his limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs and changing his mind about what was possible and what not. After 2 weeks he was able to walk with a walker.
In the mornings and evenings I went for long walks into the “grienden” tidewater areas along the rivers that were traditionally used to harvest willow branches for re-enforcing the dykes.  They are unique to Holland.

One afternoon I accompanied him to physiotherapy and the therapist made the comment that the improvements were amazing. But in her experience and her knowledge the statistics were that he had reached about the maximum of improvement he could expect.

Later back in his room I pointed that out to him and said: “Did you hear what her beliefs were? Now you can buy into that belief or not. You can decide that further improvement is possible”. We kept working on finding beliefs that caused him not being able to swallow. We looked at any beliefs around being able to swallow pride or anger, beliefs around expressing himself freely. We did a lot of PSYCH-K® balances. I was surprised how open he was to this work. He is 82.

After the time we spent together he was able to swallow a glass of water, a small improvement but not a fantastic change.

Today, I phoned my mother and she told me that he is able to eat semi-solid food. All the doctors and nurses talked about a miracle. Surprisingly my mother told me that in her opinion it was all the work we did together last year.

I am convinced it was all the PSYCH-K® balances were giving these results AND the strong determination of my father to eat these blackberries again.

With Love and Balance, Marianna.