psych-kMiracles from the power of Your Mind.

This summer for me was a time of supporting my husband in his healing process. He had a metal on metal hip replacement 10 years ago, it was causing him pain his hip was squeaking with every step he took. The grinding motion elevated his cobalt and chromium levels to a dangerously high levels. It had to be replaced.

His surgery was set for July 12th, which was also the date for the Rob Williams/Bruce Lipton Event in Taos New Mexico, followed up by our annual PSYCH-K® instructors conference.

His surgeon also predicted a 3 month recovery. Way longer than a normal hip surgery, because he did not know what he would find. (It could look like a broken down gearbox after all) This also interfered with me teaching the very first Master Facilitation Workshop in Belgium.


PSYCH-K® is my first go to, my steering wheel. My response was to start Balancing as soon as we got notice about this inconvenient date for the surgery. We Balanced for the date to be bumped up and fast healing, a super fast recovery, because my departure for The Netherlands and Belgium was planned for the 14th of  June.

I always tell the participants in my workshops:“To be open and curious, however DO expect results.”

I am used to the miracles that happen after practising PSYCH-K® and still it surprises and delights me every time.

Two days after the Balance we got notice that there was a cancellation for the 24th of May. With 3 weeks before my flight, we needed the speedy recovery for me to go ahead to teach the MFW.

Two weeks after surgery my husband was driving, at 3 weeks he was riding his stationary bike, walking only with a cane, no crutches.

The first MFW was a success and after coming back to Canada, I drove to Taos, New Mexico for the workshop and conference.

After the conference, driving 6400km in total, I met up with my husband in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, where our granddaughter was attending camp.

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