Suicide rate in Alberta climbed 30% in wake of mass oil patch layoffs.

The Impact of Low Oil Prices has a lot of people in mental and emotional turmoil or gripped in fear of being the next one to be laid off.

Eight years ago my husband and I were in the same boat. We lost our multi million dollar investments. The verdict is still out if it was mismanagement from the investment bank, scam or combination. We tried to keep things going and by doing so, we lost our acreage in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, our 40 foot motorhome and other savings. Being so broke that for a while we had to get social assistance.

We were not alone. Some of the other investors got divorced, got stuck in anger and resentment and unable to let go, developed dis-eases like cancer.

What saved us was that we had just mastered PSYCH-K® . Being able to become clear in our mind what it was that we wanted to create for our future and our ultimate goal is  :


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Working with PSYCH-K® allowed us to have a peaceful mind, so we were clear minded to find and see solutions. We did many Balances, especially about forgiveness. Not only for the perpetrators, but especially for Ourselves. For forgiving ourselves for being so trusting, so naive, for putting so many eggs in the same basket.

For a while we struggled with our business name: The Wealthy Farmers Wife Consulting Inc. We did not feel so wealthy at all. Forgiveness and a clear mind, created by doing PSYCH-K® consistently, helped us through this situation and FEEL Wealthy again:

Wealthy with Resourcefulness
Wealthy with Wisdom
Wealthy with Energy
Wealthy with Peace
Wealthy with Love
Wealthy with Life

Do you feel like some unseen force is blocking your success?

Are you experiencing stress from the recession, reverse economy and low oil prices?

Stop being depressed and stop beating yourself up and upgrade your mindset and have peace at all times, no matter what!!

Trust me, you owe it to yourself to take PSYCH-K®, no matter what you’re doing. It could be the “tipping point” that sends your future in a whole new direction.

In the complimentary session I  guide you to discover these blocks!  When you click the link below, you send me an e-mail request for a complimentary 20 minute Telephone/Skype  session.

I am making you this extremely valuable offer because I believe in giving value first. This truly is about starting you on the way of having a peaceful mind  so you can make the right decisions in a stressful time.

To get the most out of our upcoming session together, I have compiled a few questions. Please answer those and what you like to accomplish so that I can prepare and give you the most value possible.

Complimentary session.