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Book an Introductory Session C$75

How is the COVID-19 scenario impacting you and your family? I am so glad we have the PSYCH-K® tools to guide us in staying centred! Please take care of yourself and your loved ones! It is amazing how a simple process called a Balance can bring such a shift in just 30 minutes.

Marianna is definitely an expert in her field. She helped me overcome a problem with compassion, gentleness and expertise. The results were phenomenal! I strongly suggest that everyone should seek Marianna’s help to conquer life’s challenges. Gail Verdi  May 2017   

There is great trust and confidence built-in having a one on one Psych-K session with Marianna.  She creates an environment that is warm and supportive while also being theoretical and quantifiable in scope.  Opening my mind and spirit to the possibilities of allowing a shift, within her safe guidance, has helped me to move through some trying times and create the outcomes I desired. Janice Chalmers, Calgary

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