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Marianna and Dr Bruce Lipton 2. Good and Bad Stress!!

More wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton: Can there be good stress? Yes stress can be good: “Exercise” is  very good stress for our bodies. When you consciously exercise your mind is still. When climbing mountains you just concentrate on the next hand/foot hold. There is no room for other thoughts!! that makes  mountain climbing so […]


Marianna and Dr. Bruce Lipton!! What are you “Broadcasting”??

Wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton: “What are you broadcasting” In August, the PSYCH-K®  instructors  attended the “Instructors Conference” in Taos, New Mexico. We had 4 marvelous days with Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K® and 2 amazing insightful days with Dr. Bruce Lipton. What a treat that was. Bruce explained in his humorist  way many […]


Using 100% of your brain!!


Your 2017 No Resolutions Just Balance.

We wish you the most amazing, prosperous, peaceful, happy and most of all Balanced New Year. Did you have a chance to visualise Your 2017? The new year can be exciting for some of us. For others it can be very depressing. Consciously we can do some things to lift us up: Physically like going outside for […]


A Visualisation for a Balanced 2017

Imagine you are now at the end of your “2017″ and you are looking back at the most amazing year. You are sitting by the fire, your favourite drink in your hand and contemplating about your year “2017”. What did your year look like? How is your family and personal relationships? How was your job? […]


Maximize the Power of your Mind

Last month I followed “The Truth about Cancer” series from Ty Bollinger. Not because I have cancer, but because I am experiencing a flare-up of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I want to learn more about healing with food. When we talk about healing, we talk about Body, Mind and Spirit. It actually is Spirit, Mind and […]


Bounce Back from Major Setbacks

Suicide rate in Alberta climbed 30% in wake of mass oil patch layoffs. The Impact of Low Oil Prices has a lot of people in mental and emotional turmoil or gripped in fear of being the next one to be laid off. Eight years ago my husband and I were in the same boat. We […]


New in Calgary Advanced PSYCH-K® Workshops and More

I am Celebrating. I now am a Certified Advanced PSYCH-K® Instructor!! And here’s what’s happening at the Wealthy Farmers Wife until Christmas: I am very happy to announce that I am now Advanced Integration Instructor with PSYCH-K®. That is an enormous win/win for everybody in Alberta and beyond. Participants who have taken the Basic are now able to take the Advanced […]


Mind over (brain) Matter

A while ago I had the honour to do some PSYCH-K® with a man who has been attacked in a robbery and due to severe brain damage has been in a coma for almost a decade. Unable to do the PSYCH-K® himself, his father volunteered to be the surrogate for him (energetically taking his place). […]


If there were no limitations what would you do?

True wealth, health and happiness are our strongest desires. Self-imposed limitations are the killers of our dreams and our creativity. They are the mind-blocks that are holding us back from achieving more prosperity and peace. They prevent us to be who we really are. Do you know how they train an elephant? First they tie […]

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