When you are living life to your fullest, your body, mind and spirit are in sync with Life. The long term effects are vibrant health and a peaceful  mind.

Other physical symptoms are patience, healthy relationships and more then likely a bank account that reflects this peace of mind!

When you are living life to your fullest, your brain is at Peace  and the effect is transferred to all of the functions in your body.

When you are living life to your fullest, you might have the following reactions:

They might be very subtle like asking  appropriate questions,  healthy eating habits, forgetting  to watch television or living with anticipation. They might be very obvious like being at peace with others, addictions disappear and  stomach and bowel problems subside miraculously.  Your overall mental and physical health will improve!

“The moment you change your perception is the moment  you rewrite the chemistry of your body!” Bruce Lipton, Author of “The Biology of Belief”

“Stress can be dramatically transformed by being in a “whole-brain state of mind” – Rob Williams originator of PSYCH-K®.

“Peace and Tranquility can be dramatically enhanced by being in a whole-brain state of mind”  Marianna Van Gogh Advanced instructor/facilitator of PSYCH-K®

The Question thus is: How to TRANSFORM STRESS ??

To transform stress it is best to learn how to use PSYCH-K® yourself.

You will experience the best results by taking a couple of private sessions (First 20 min Complimentary) followed by a PSYCH-K® workshop.

PSYCH-K® strives to empower you with the tools to deal with your stress as it shows up – immediately. It is our goal to expand your personal tool box to rely more on your inner knowing & allow you to be less dependent on other people.

After all the POWER IS WITHIN YOU!!!

Upcoming PSYCH-K® workshops: Click Here

  • The first step to overcoming these Limiting Beliefs and live stress-free is to know what they are.
  • How to muscle test (use applied kinesiology) with consistency and accuracy.
  • How to become whole-brained = the key to heightened learning.
  • How to identify and change limiting subconscious beliefs into self-empowering ones.
  • How to work with all 3 levels of consciousness!
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious mind.
  • How to create your own meaningful belief statements to overcome life’s challenges.
  • How to move from STUCK into becoming a Conscious Manifester in 4 easy steps!
  • How to transform stress or trauma quickly and completely.
  • How to use PSYCH-K in your daily life – with family, friends and clients

After attending this workshop, you may facilitate the PSYCH-K® Basic processes in private one-to-one sessions with family and friends or in a professional setting with your clients. You will also be qualified to attend the Advanced PSYCH-K® training, as well as advertise yourself as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.


Advanced PSYCH-K® workshop: READ MORE

Edmonton May 20 – 23 and Calgary June 9 – 12

Advanced PSYCH-K®

This four-day transformational workshop is designed to accelerate you into new levels of awareness and understanding as a PSYCH-K® facilitator. You will learn processes that will dramatically expand your ability and effectiveness as a catalyst for change.

These proven processes have consistently created powerful and valuable changes in thousands of peoples’ lives for over 20 years. The Advanced Integration Workshop is a distillation of intense study and experience in the field of personal change.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

The Advanced Integration Workshop meets the criterion of being simple, however it is also elegant, powerful and fun.

 For more info (First 20 min Complimentary) or Register for these mind-freeing experiences!