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About Marianna

Marianna is devoted to elevate peoples energy and empower them to live their own authentic self.

Marianna Van Gogh PSYCH-K

There is a definite reason WHY Marianna does what she does and it all stems from her childhood. Her parents who didn’t have the ability to raise a child, left her with her grandmother, who was a loving woman and struggled to make a living on a small farm.Marianna’s early childhood experience created limiting Beliefs about self worth and prosperity.

After having build a successful dairy farm from scratch together with her husband Willem, they sold the farm and moved to the Calgary area with complete financial freedom.

During her time living on the farm Marianna gained valuable coaching experience from working for 10 years with Thelma Box  (the former partner of Dr. Phil McGraw) in the Choices program and many other personal development programs. She became a certified PSYCH-K® instructor in 2008.

Shortly after their move they received a devastating blow due to the bankruptcy of their investment bank and subsequent loss of their hard earned financial freedom.

Marianna realized that her limiting Beliefs played a major role in creating her life and thanks to PSYCH-K®, by using the tools and doing the work for herself, she and her husband were able to rebuild their life.

Their life instead of being full of bitterness, resentment and victimhood is truly Wealthy: Full of Peace and Prosperity, Health and Happiness. A different type of Wealth that comes from the inside out and manifests itself on the outside.

Marianna now spends her time empowering people to overcome any stress or trauma and replace limiting Beliefs with supportive Beliefs. With PSYCH-K® private sessions and workshops she empowers people to elevate their energy and live from their Authentic Self.

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