In my book, PSYCH-K…the Missing Piece/Peace in Your Life, it says:

This book is dedicated to the Divinity in each of us.

May you recognize your Divinity,  discover your Greatness, and  become the Peace you seek.

Like PSYCH-K® itself, these words came to me intuitively, not intellectually. Typically, authors dedicate their books to a family member, mentor, friend, etc. In this case, it was the Divine in each of us.

If you look closely at the dedication, you will notice that three words are emphasized, by being capitalized. They are; Divinity, Greatness, and Peace. The whole message is captured in those three words. If you recognize your true identity, (as a Divine Being having a human experience), you will discover your Greatness (the special gifts you are here to share in service to others) and in doing so you will experience a deep sense of Peace, (that comes only from your inner spiritual core) not from anything you can own or posses in the world outside of yourself.

This message is more than a dedication to a book, it is also a “ blessing.” Actually, it is already written in the form of a blessing. It begins with the words, May you…etc. Many spiritual blessings begin in this way: May you enjoy health and happiness in your life; May you be blessed by the Creator with a life of abundant love.; May your days be good and long upon the earth, etc. Blessings are a cross-cultural phenomenon. They are found in both industrial and indigenous cultures.

Think about the implications and consequences of everybody having these qualities and attributes, at the subconscious level of mind. The world would be a very different place, indeed!

By recognizing our Divinity we are recognizing our common Source and spiritual interconnectedness.

By discovering our Greatness, we would know how to be of service to others, not just ourselves. And because of our interconnectedness, while helping others, we are actually helping ourselves.

And finally, if we are at Peace with ourselves, we would have peace in the world. Remember, we are creating our own reality, individually and collectively!

So, how can we use the power of this message with PSYCH-K®? You can learn how to in a PSYCH-K Basic workshop or you may book a private session with a Facilitator.

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Many Blessings to you all,

Rob Williams

PSYCH-K® Centre International