“Dare to dream the impossible dreams and dance with the magic of your imagination”

Three keys to create a MAGIC year:

  • Where are you going to be inside yourself?
  • Where are you inside yourself now? Are you feeling deep peace and happiness or anxiety and despair? Or are you just somewhere in the middle and making the best of it?
  • I am examining these questions for myself.

When I get honest, I have to admit that I am still spending time in the grey zone of mediocrity. That triggers me sometimes to flip shortly into the anxiety category!

Thanks to PSYCH-K®, I bring Peace back into my life by doing BALANCES.
This year I am choosing to be in the Peace and Happiness Zone.
I am consciously choosing my MINDSET.

I BELIEVE I found three keys:

  1. The first one is to totally forgive yourself and others about any hurts or disappointments. Be free of the bondage of your wounded ego’s needs, the grudges and resentments. You will find there are always plenty of people to forgive, yet the biggest thing is always self-forgiveness. Stop being the prisoner of your past.
  2. The second key is to set super clear goals for the coming year. Make a list what you want to create for yourself. Include the habits you want to embrace. Not only the external experiences, but the internal as well, like freedom, joy, peace and love. Become the architect of your future.
  3. The last key is to totally embrace this. See yourself in the picture. Hear people talking about how amazing you and your results are. Hear yourself talking how grateful you are about your life and results and above all: FEEL IT.

In true PSYCH-K® fashion, check if there are any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from these goals and Balance your goals.

Marianna and Willem