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psych-k-proPSYCH-K Pro®

“The skills that were particularly valuable to me are lots of practical experience to share real-life stories to help understand PSYCH-K®. Thank you, Marianna. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and insights. Your skills are very helpful to learning.” Kathie Moore, Calgary.

I enjoyed the low-tech approach and the personal stories working with partners and the breakthrough experience. The content of the Pro was highly valuable. David Thiessen

What is PSYCH-K Pro®?

Over the years, PSYCH-K® Originator Rob Williams and some of the more experienced Instructors have discovered or devised a variety of protocols — building on the fundamental balance processes — that have never been taught in any Workshop. There simply isn’t time in a Basic or Advanced workshop, given everything else that is packed into those days, to teach these useful but lesser-known processes.

We have bundled these ‘extras’ into PSYCH-K® Pro. We have also included marketing tips to increase referrals of clients into your practice. The Course is intended for those who wish to refine and enhance their skills, and become exquisite, expert facilitators of PSYCH-K®. It’s also a virtual “must” for those who are practicing PSYCH-K®as a profession, that is, charging a fee for facilitation.

You do not have to attend the Advanced Integration Workshop to participate in PSYCH-K Pro®, although if you have attended the Advanced, or wish to, you can still benefit from what we have to share in this Course.

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct effective and dynamic private sessions from start to  finish
  • Transform Adverse reactions to foods etc. (allergies)
  • Balance to transform traumas or other painful life experiences
    Address phobias, depression, anxiety
  • Enhance sports performance and fitness
  • Personally, benefit from balances you facilitate with others
  • Gather messages and meaning from emotions
  • Use 10 creative strategies for finding belief statements that pack a punch
  • Effectively work with children
  • Facilitate an effective session by telephone (for those who have taken the Advanced Workshop)
  •  Deal with exceptions and conundrum (confusion), debug muscle testing dilemmas.
  • Market PSYCH-K® and increase client referrals into your practice.

In many cases you will see a demonstration, then find a partner with whom to practice and integrate your new skills.

Overall, this is an opportunity to significantly sharpen your skill set and deepen your knowledge of and confidence with PSYCH-K®. Prerequisite is successful completion of a Basic Workshop or Basic and Advanced Integration Workshops.

“Finding out the messages that our subconscious mind wants to tell us through our physical body is of extreme value to me. Now I can honor my subconscious mind by having an interactive conversation with it. PSYCH-K®has given me the process how to facilitate the conversation Marianna is very good at listening to questions and concerns. Marianna uses her knowledge and intuition provide answers and loving support. The course is amazingly empowering. Thank you! I love you!” Manrique Medrano, Saskatoon.

Self-Registration: $997  Early bird $897 Closes January 15 2018 . Register Now.

Payment plans available, Please Contact Marianna

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