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Valentines 2019

We all have  harmful beliefs about Love! “What you seek is seeking you… Your task is not to seek for love,   but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi Do you have any harmful, false beliefs in your mind about love? These false […]


Wonderfull Christmas from Us to You

We are wishing all of you a wonderful Hollidays and a Balanced 2019.                                                Remember don’t take yourself to seriously!! :)) 


Crush your Exam/Test Court Anxiety!

        Exams are always Stressful so is court, Anxiety sets in and people fail. Many  students are suffering from test/exam anxiety.  While they have made excellent progress with study and tutoring, exam anxiety can have devastating effects like: failing the exams or poor grades not getting into the programs they want having […]


Expect Miracles from Your Mind!!

                                 Miracles from the power of Your Mind. This summer for me was a time of supporting my husband in his healing process. He had a metal on metal hip replacement 10 years ago, it was causing him pain his […]


Creston BC. Workshop coming up! June 8-10-2018

My husband Willem had hip surgery last Friday,  5 days later he walked  300 meter to the coffee shop with crutches. Before surgery he did a couple of Balances: 1.Surgery would go smooth no complications ( this was a hip revision (was done once before) a bigger job! He was done in 2hrs 15min. 2. […]


Your Mind is the Doctor

  Your Mind is the Doctor.  If you have a Disease and or Stress and or Anxiety , and all of a sudden you have an altered subconscious belief that your body is in perfect health, a dynamic tension arises. That tension has to be resolved in favour of the consciousness because that comes from […]


A Prosperous 2018! with Less Stress and Anxiety!

For our up and coming workshops please click links below. Basic PSYCH-K® PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration PSYCH-K® PRO  Discovery Session     We and we alone have absolute control over the content of our mind, our Beliefs. It is an inside job. How we use our mind will determine what the experience of this year will […]


A Merry Christmas and a Balanced 2018

Happy Holidays and a Balanced 2018                                                                                                     […]


Marianna and Dr Bruce Lipton 2. Good and Bad Stress!!

More wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton: Can there be good stress? Yes stress can be good: “Exercise” is  very good stress for our bodies. When you consciously exercise your mind is still. When climbing mountains you just concentrate on the next hand/foot hold. There is no room for other thoughts!! that makes  mountain climbing so […]


Marianna and Dr. Bruce Lipton!! What are you “Broadcasting”??

Wisdom from Dr. Bruce Lipton: “What are you broadcasting” In August, the PSYCH-K®  instructors  attended the “Instructors Conference” in Taos, New Mexico. We had 4 marvelous days with Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K® and 2 amazing insightful days with Dr. Bruce Lipton. What a treat that was. Bruce explained in his humorist  way many […]

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